How To Unlock and Jailbreak An iPhone

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Learning to jailbreak an iPhone is easy to do, however it’s important to learn what the repercussions may be. The amount of third party apps and functions that you can use inside of your iPhone increase dramatically once you perform the jailbreak, but you may also be losing things.

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What Does Jailbreaking An iPhone Do?

It was once determined that jailbreaking an iPhone was illegal. It is now legal and will add a lot of different functions to your phone. You can always choose to restore your phone to a factory state later on. The apps in the app store limit you, however, when the phone is unlocked or jailbreak, the benefits include:

  • Free access to thousands of themes, games, applications, ringtones and wallpapers
  • Free video chat, tethering, backgrounds and icons
  • Unlock your iPhone on any service provider of your choice worldwide
  • Unlock any SIM card
  • Enable VoIP – Free Calls
  • Enable to use Flash on your iPhone
  • Watch Live TV on your iPhone for Free
  • Unlock iTunes

Here are a sample of what kind of new apps that can change what you can do on the phone, such as:

Fast Toggles – You will be able to get faster toggles by jailbreaking and adding some extra apps to your phone. This will allow you to toggle through using your status bar to swipe through quickly to the other apps that you’ve got open. There is no need to suddenly go in and out of apps anymore.

Tracking the iPhone – Tracking your phone is another important thing that you can accomplish. There are many apps that are downloadable, including iLocalis that will help you to track your phone if you lose or misplace it. Otherwise, you would be paying the extra money for this service to your phone service provider.

Music Controls – Music controls are designed the way that Apple wants them to be – unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Many music apps aren’t truly integrated into the phone which means that they stop playing when you get a text message or email because you have to close one app to check another. This will go away when you can have the freedom to design your iPhone how you want it to be.

Bluetooth Keyboards – Bluetooth keyboards are currently not compatible with iPhone. But if they were, think of what you could do with them. There would be no limits to the amount of notes you could take in classes or meetings. This can be enabled when you break free of the standard conformation.

Ultimately, a jailbreak turns your iPhone into a computer instead of just a smart phone. The functions are set by Apple to prevent problems and therefore a “jailbreak” will break you out of the lock that Apple put on accessing these other functions.

Why You Should Not Jailbreak Your iPhone

There are just as many reasons not to jailbreak your phone as there are to do so. It’s important to really understand what the consequences are before you do so. While it’s not illegal, it will void your phone’s warranty if you start to experience problems with the phone. In addition to the warranty, you could experience:

  • Bugs
  • Data usage
  • Bricking

When you change the state of the iPhone that Apple has created, bugs could begin to appear. There have been some bugs that render MMS and Face Time useless. Sometimes there are fixes and sometimes there aren’t.

The new applications you are placing on your phone aren’t what the iPhone were designed for and will use a log of data on your phone plan. If you have unlimited data, it may not be a big deal. Otherwise, it could cost you a lot of money to jailbreak an iPhone.

Finally, you could experience what is referred to as bricking. This makes your iPhone completely unusable. To get it back to working order means that you have to wipe the memory and do a factory reset.

Jailbreaking and Unlocking An iPhone – How To Do It?

You can jailbreak your phone easier than you may think. There are many programs that are either free or available at a minimal cost for those who want a easy, safe and quick way to jailbreak the iPhone. All you will need is this iPhone Unlock Software, your iPhone and an iTunes account. You will back up your phone to iTunes and then open up the program. There will be a jailbreak button that will take care of all of the internal prompts and codes so that you don’t need a fancy degree in computer programming to perform the hack. In just a few minutes, you will have officially performed a jailbreak.

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