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Prevent A HangoverDrinking too much alcohol makes people suffer from a hangover later, but it is possible to prevent a hangover by taking appropriate measures before, during and after drinking. This helps the body combat the negative effects of alcohol which can create havoc in the body both physiologically and mentally.

It is important to know how to prevent a hangover for health reasons if nothing else. A hangover is a term used to define a series of uncomfortable physiological and psychological symptoms that manifest themselves a few hours after heavy consumption of alcohol.

Typically, a hangover is experienced the morning following a night of drinking alcoholic beverages. Besides the physical discomfort that ensues in the form of headaches, dehydration, nausea and sweating, the psychological impact in the form of depression, anxiety and gloominess, lasts longer and can takes its toll on a person health over a period of time.

Why People Suffer From Hangover

Alcohol, when taken in moderation, causes no harm. But too much of it, if consumed on an empty stomach and too fast, is bound to result in a hangover. As alcohol levels in the blood stream increase, the pituary glands are unable to create vasopressin. This sends all liquid directly to the bladder without any absorption, and causes dehydration, making alcohol a diuretic that cause fluids getting flushed out of the system.

When this happens, the body’s levels of potassium and magnesium reduces and impairs the cell repair process for which they are needed. Additionally, the enzymes produced in the liver break down the ethanol in the alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is many times more toxic than alcohol itself. It also depletes the liver of its reductive agents that help in detoxification which begins to affect the lining of the stomach and this start to induce a feeling of nausea and dizziness which are symptoms of a potential hangover.

If one must drink, the best way to prevent a hangover, is to drink slowly or moderate the intake of alcohol, by having only one or two drinks. These will cause minimal damage as it is quite easy for the body to stomach them.

How To Prevent A Hangover Before Drinking

For individuals who want to avoid a hangover before they start drinking, they can:

Drinking Water To Prevent HangoverHydrate The Body System – Drink as much water as possible before drinking. If the body has sufficient fluids, the diuretic effect of alcohol will not be very effective and a hangover can be avoided.

Eat Before Drinking – The worst hangovers always happens when alcohol is consumed with an empty stomach. It is ideal to eat a full meal, complete with nutrients like vitamins and minerals that will help to maintain the body’s requirement even after some have been drained out of the system. Food also slows down the absorption of alcohol in the body.

Drink A Glass of Milk – Scientists believe that drinking a glass of milk before alcohol consumption helps, since it coats the stomach lining and prevents alcohol reaction, hence averting a hangover.

Apply A Zaca Patch – Formulated with natural organic ingredients, Zaca recovery patch works to infuse the body through the skin with their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and alcohol reversal properties to aid in the prevention of a hangover even after a night of heavy drinking.

How To Prevent A Hangover During and After Drinking

For individuals who are already drinking, the following are some ways to help avoid a hangover during or after drinking.

Drink Lots of Water – For every glass of alcohol, one glass of water is needed to keep the system hydrated. Alternatively, drinking some orange juices or milk can also help.

Drink The Right Drinks – The safest drink to have are gin and vodka, and the worst is bourbon.

Avoid Sugary Foods With Alcohol – Sugary foods like cakes and cookies must not be eaten with alcohol since sugar reduces the body’s ability to figure out how much to consume, making people drink more than they realise.

Reduce The Peg Size – It is ideal to nurse a drink. Sipping slowly and reducing the intake, always helps. For a long evening, reducing the size of the peg measure will help to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, and avoid a hangover in the morning.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast Next Morning – The morning after, a hearty breakfast of eggs, bananas and fresh fruit juice can help to make the feelings of hangover go away faster. Eggs contain cysteine which helps to remove the toxins like metabolite that is largely responsible for the hangover, and bananas will replenish the potassium levels. Fructose will help to get energy depleted by frequent urination.

Foods That Can Help Prevent A Hangover

Milk – Drinking milk before alcohol helps to coat the stomach lining and prevents alcohol from affecting it and hence nausea is averted. After consuming alcohol, milk helps to replenish the loss of fluids while also providing energy through its nutrients.

Carbohydrate Rich Foods – Carb rich foods like wholegrain bread, pasta and rice, help to slow down the effect of alcohol. If eaten before or with drinks, they can aid to prevent the alcohol from affecting the body.

Bananas – Eating bananas replish the body with potassium and vitamin B6 which are said to help ‘kill’ a hangover.

Asparagus – Korean researchers have found that asparagus leaf and shoot extracts helped to raise levels of essential enzymes that have been depleted through drinking alcohol. Eating asparagus in any form before, during or after alcohol has the same effect to cure hangovers.

Natural Remedies To Avoid Hangover

The following are some proven natural remedies one can try to prevent a hangover.

Olive Oil – This remedy comes from the Mediterranean and is said that drinking olive oil helps to coat the lining of the stomach and prevents the body from absorbing alcohol, and hence stop a hangover before it starts.

Honey With Lemon – A hot drink of honey and lemon juice mixed in some hot water, replenishes loss of fluid and sugar that help to get rid of a hangover.

Ginger Root – Consuming ginger is a good remedy for preventing nausea, especially if taken as ginger ale or ginger tea after alcohol, it reduces hangover symptoms and brings instant relief.

Prevent A Hangover With Zaca

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I swear by eating a normal meal before I engage in a night of heavy drinking with friends. I also try not to mix too many different kinds of liquors, or just stick to one thing, like beer.


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