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Scientific gender selection methods and old wives tales on how to have and conceive a baby boy. Also include fun ways on how to guess the gender of a expecting child.

Learning how to conceive a baby boy doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, there are many natural methods and theories that are believed to be effective that can help you tip the baby gender odds in your favor. The 4 common methods on how to have a baby boy are:

The Shettles Method

How to Choose the Sex of Your BabyThe Shettles Method, developed by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles and David Rorvik, authors of the popular book “How To Choose the Sex of Your Baby“, works on the principle idea that the Y chromosomes (for boys) carring sperm move faster than the X chromosome (for girls) carrying sperm. However as the Y-chromosomes sperm are also more vulnerable and don’t last as long as the X-chromosomes sperm, Dr. Shettles recommends that couples looking to conceive a boy, time their intercourse as close as possible to ovulation and to have sex in a position that allows for deep penetrations to allow the more aggressive Y sperm get a head start in fertilization.

The Whelan Method

The Whelan method, developed by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, suggest the opposite and contradict the Shettles Method. According to her research, she claims that if couples want to have a baby boy, they should have sex earlier in her monthly cycle before her basal body temperature rises. Having sex 2 to 3 days before ovulation is more likely to produce a female offspring.

The Chinese Birth Chart

Discovered in the 13th century in a royal tomb near Beijing, the Chinese Birth Chart, also know as the Chinese Conception Chart or the Chinese Gender Chart, is an ancient lunar calendar chart that can help you predict and increase your chances of choosing the sex of your baby. To conceive a baby boy, you must use your’s lunar age and plan the time of conception by finding the month in which you’ll have a better chance to conceive a boy.

The Prince or Princess Gender Selection Method

Developed by Alicia Pennington, a midwife of 12 years, The Prince or Princess Gender Selection Method is a 100% natural method that uses a combination of diets, specific intercourse positions and ovulation timing that guarantee a 94% success rate for couples who are looking to conceive a child of the gender of their choice. This same method was also given the thumbs up by Dr Sue Lyn of Women’s Specialist Centre after she has found out how well it had worked for her patients.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Old wives tales and urban legends on how to get pregnant with a boy.

How To Have A Baby BoyHere are some more ideas on how to conceive a baby boy. Many of them are classified as old wives tales or urban legends. However, don’t discount them though as implementing several of them might significantly increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

To conceive a baby boy…

  • Eat lots of red meat, salty foods such as chips and drink lots of soda. These foods are high in sodium and potassium which can help with the conceiving and development of a baby boy. Avoid consuming too much dairy products, chocolate, or shellfish.
  • Your male partner should drink coffee before sex because caffeine stimulate the development of the Y chromosome making them more active to fertilize the egg first.
  • Let him initiate sex – if a man suggest some lovemaking, you’ll have a higher chance of conceiving a boy.
  • Mark your calendar and schedule your sex on odd-numbered days as more boys are conceived on odd days of the month.
  • Have sex at night instead of during the day, especially when there’s a quarter moon in the sky.
  • Make love with both you and your partner’s head pointing north.
  • Try making love standing up or use the rear entry position for a deeper penetration from your partner to allow the Y chromosome sperm a head start in fertilization.
  • Make sure you climax during sex as this will cause your body to produce a type of fluid that makes the vaginal pH level more alkaline, which is very favorable for the Y sperm as it enters the body of the female. Your vaginal contractions during orgasms will also help move the sperm up into your cervix faster.
  • After sex, lie down immediately and stay on the bed for a while. This is suppose to help the Y sperm reach the egg faster.
  • Sleep to the left of your partner.
  • Your partner should wear lose-fitting trousers or boxers to keep his genitals cool – this can help increase his sperm count which also means more Y chromosome sperm.

How To Guess The Sex Of Your Baby

Fun ways to guess if it you are expecting a boy.

Every would-be-parents love to guess the sex of their expecting child. Who wouldn’t? Even your parents, in-laws or friends might jump in and offer a prediction of your baby’s gender. Here are some fun, age-old methods for guessing whether it is a boy.

  • You hand your wedding ring by a thread over your expecting baby and it moves in circles instead of side to side.
  • Your belly shape looks round like a basketball instead of a watermelon.
  • Your baby’s heart rate is no faster than 140 beats per minute.
  • You face glows and look even more beautiful that ever before (pregnancy).
  • You start craving salty, sour and more protein rich food.
  • Your hands are very dry.
  • Your feet feels colder than before (pregnancy).
  • You didn’t experience any morning sickness in early pregnancy.
  • You start to experience more headaches.
  • You have more hair growth on your legs during pregnancy.
  • You start to gain more weight in front instead of your hips and rear.
  • Your urine is bright yellow in color.
  • Your nose is spreading.
  • The areolas on your breast are significantly darker.
  • The sum of your age (at the time of conception) and the number for the month you will conceived is an even number.
  • You are sleeping with your head pointing north.

Choose The Sex Of Your Baby

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Questions and Answers

1. What are the external factors that will help to conceive a baby boy?

  • Try using deep penetration with the rear entry position. This will allow your partner to deposit sperm above the neck of your cervix, and for the Y chromosomes sperm a faster entry into your uterus to mate with the egg.
  • Try to achieve orgasm at the same time that your partner is ejaculating. In this condition, it creates a more alkaline vaginal environment as well.
  • Have sex on the day that you ovulate. If you are using an OPT , proceed with the intercourse 24 hrs after the solution turns the darkest color.

2. What can be done on the man’s part to increase the chances of conceiving a boy?

Male sperms are quicker/faster, but die sooner, while female sperm lives longer and swims slower. Under these circumstances, if you have sex the day before or the day the woman ovulates, it provides the male sperms a better chance of getting to the egg faster. In others words, the lady must know exactly when she ovulates.

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We have two little boys and, don’t get me wrong I have a girl too (whom I love dearly) but there is just something special about sons! If you really want to add a boy to yourfaminly…I say go for it. Very interesting page…lots of good info on gender selection.


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