How To Get Rid Of Psoriasis Naturally

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How to get rid of psoriasis with natural cures and remedies for psoriasis.

PsoriasisPsoriasis, is a non-contagious skin disorder characterized by red scaling patches appearing on the skin. While an embarrassing and sometimes painful condition, psoriasis is a treatable skin disorder and many times it can be treated without the use of any drugs or medications. The use of natural home remedies, as well as a change in lifestyle habits can actually help get rid of psoriasis naturally. So if you are looking for solutions on how to get rid of psoriasis naturally without drugs, try the following suggestions.

Psoriasis Free For Life

Exposing Yourself to Natural Sunlight

Many people have found that by exposing themselves to the Sun natural ultraviolet rays helps treat and clear their skin of psoriasis. The Sun UV rays slows down the growth of skin cells, which in turn can minimize your psoriasis symptoms. However some precautions need to be taken to avoid overexposure to UVB radiation which can cause sunburn.

Bathing in Warm Water

One effective home remedy for psoriasis is by taking daily lukewarm baths which can help reduce your psoriasis symptoms. Before bathing, try adding some olive oil or dead sea salts to soothe your irritated skin. Dead sea salts have natural elements that are said to be especially therapeutic for psoriasis. Avoid any perfumed soaps as it might aggravate the condition. For individuals who suffer from scalp psoriasis, washing the hair with a psoriasis shampoo will help ease itchiness and flakiness.

Changing Your Dietary Habits

In order to get rid of psoriasis naturally, change your daily dietary habits and try taking a more balance diet high in antioxidant that includes seeds, vegetables, grains and fruits rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Avoid foods that contains arachidonic acid such as dairy products and red meat that can cause inflammation to the affected areas.

Reducing Your Stress

One of the reasons that can cause psoriasis flare-ups is excessive build-up of stress. In order to prevent any such flare-ups, it is important to learn how to relax yourself to reduce stress. Try partaking in relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation or self hypnosis. Many of these exercise will help calm your skin condition and are also beneficial to the overall health in general.

Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

You may find it helpful to keep your skin moisturized as it aids in soothing the scaly patches and can provide immense relief to any itchiness caused by psoriasis. Find a moisturizer that will help skin maintain its water concentrations (like collagen, amino acids and proteins). Natural home remedies such as aloe vera, almond oil, milk thistle and tea tree oil are effective anti-irritants moisturizers that will help you get rid of psoriasis.

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What Are The Causes For Psoriasis?

Psoriasis CausesAccording to expert opinion, the exact cause of psoriasis is still not fully understood though doctors believe that there are two main hypotheses about the process that seem to aggravate the condition. The first cause being a genetic (heredity) condition where more than 50% of the patients have one or more close relatives who are known to have similar symptoms. The second hypothesis cause sees the disease as being an immune-mediated disorder in whereby there is an excessive growth and reproduction of skin cells which cause inflammation.

Anybody can get psoriasis at any time and the first outbreak is often reported following stress (physical and mental), skin injury, reaction to certain drugs such as beta blockers and infection. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and obesity have also been reported to trigger or aggravate the condition.

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Get Rid of Psoriasis Naturally

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I do not have psoriasis myself but I have a different autoimmune disease and I know that it is imperative to be your own health care advocate! I liked the advice in the first video about continuing trying doctors until you find one that you feel the most comfortable with and that you feel is the most responsive to your needs. I am also a big believer in aloe vera juice!


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