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Discover how to get pregnant easily, quickly and naturally with practical tips and useful advices that can help boost your fertility.

Trying to become pregnant with no results is incredibly stressful and frustrating! Sometimes the odds to conceive a baby seems to get harder, the longer it takes especially when getting pregnant is easy for everyone else but you.

How To Get PregnantWhen trying to get pregnant, it is important to know that there can be many factors such as age, health, diets and problems with ovulation that may cause fertility problems even when all fertility tests appear to be normal.

For starters, if you have been trying to get pregnant for several months without success, going for a complete medical examination with your OB-GYN is a good idea for both you and your husband to understand the issues that can cause fertility problems.

If the medical results show no physical or physiological problems with anyone of you, next step for both husband and wife is take very good care of yourselves by eating right, exercising and having sufficient rest. Sometimes, too much stress from worrying and overly trying to get pregnant can prevent the natural course of conceiving from happening.

Avoiding excessive drinking, smoking, and other bad habits also are part of the remedy on how to become pregnant.

To improve your odds of getting pregnant successfully, you should also become familiar with your own fertility cycle and start tracking your ovulation and monitoring cervical mucus and body temperature every morning. Typically, your cervical fluid will begin increasing greatly prior to ovulation and your body temperature will also rise by 0.4°F or more after you ovulate.

Once you have track and identity your peak fertility, part of how to get pregnant is to start engaging in sexual activities as frequently as possible 4 to 5 days before ovulation and then 1 to 2 days after.

According to some sex therapists and experts, your positioning during sexual intercourse can also play a very important role to assisting you to become pregnant. The missionary position seems to offer the highest rate of conception. A woman also needs to remain lying down after intercourse as well. Avoid showering or douching immediately after which can prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.

Remember, part of how to get pregnant is giving it time. On average a couple can take up 3 to 6 months from the onset of trying for it to occur. It can be longer for some couples, but try to stay positive. Focus on building a solid relationship with your partner and enjoying the additional sex that comes with trying to make a baby!

Be willing to explore the various things you can do on your own to increase chances of conceiving. Work with medical professionals too and explore the options of fertility drugs and other methods to assist you. You may have to rely upon a combination of many options before you find what is right for you. The more you know about the various ways of getting pregnant, the better chance you have of making it happen.

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For The Women Who Struggled To Get Pregnant

A group of women discuss about issues on infertility and the difficulties of getting pregnant.

Common Causes Of Infertility

A list of the some of the most common causes of infertility

Ovulation Problems – One of the major causes for infertility in women. The problem is usually because of hormonal deficiencies or imbalances that prevents the release of a mature egg from an ovary.

  • Poor Egg Quality – This problem apply most often to women in the late 30s since a woman’s eggs quality declines as she age.
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes – Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes can make pregnancy nearly impossible since blocked tubes prevent your eggs from traveling to your uterus and sperm from reaching your egg.
  • Sperm Problems – Low sperm count or poor sperm quality can all cause infertility.
  • Stress – Getting caught in negative patterns of thinking or stress can reduce a person’s libido (sexual desire) to have sex. Severe stress may also affect female ovulation and can limit sperm production.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections – There are several sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can cause infertility. Among them is chlamydia, which damages the fallopian tubes in women and causes an infection of the testicles in men.
  • Weight Related Problems – Being overweight can also affect fertility in both men and women. For men, their sperm quality and mobility may be affected. For women, they may experience ovulation related problems.
  • Bad Habits – Smoking, drinking, use of drugs or other potential bad habits like sleeping late also have been known to decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

Even though the causes of infertility are many, most of them can be easily overcome, particularly when they are diagnosed in the early stages. Combined with a holistic lifestyle and approach, such as eating healthy, regular exercise, abstinence from alcohol, nicotine and other drugs plus proper management of stress related issues can guarantee positive results.

5 Effective Ways To Boost Fertility

Healthy Intake

Maintaining a well nourished intake increases your odds of conceiving. Ensure that the foods you eat include enough protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin C, as deficiencies in these nutrients are connected to lengthened menstrual cycles, in other words less frequent ovulation, and a higher risk of early miscarriage.

Quit Cigarettes

Cigarette toxins can harm a woman’s eggs, interfering with the fertilization and implantation process, but also cause the ovaries to age.

Seek Serenity

Base on studies, women under psychological distress were less likely to conceive. In other words, stress and depression may hamper fertility.

No Douche

This can remove normal, protective bacteria in the vagina, affecting the balance and putting you at risk for bacterial vaginosis, a common but often overlooked vaginal infection.

Weight Caution

Excess body fat causes overproduction of certain hormones that disrupt ovulation. It is important to watch your weight.

Personal Guide On How To Get Pregnant Fast

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Questions and Answers On Getting Pregnant

How can i become pregnant? My( flows) are every 30 days and im not sure how to track my ovulation… well how do i know if i’m ovulating… me and my husband really want another child please help!

If you have a 30 day cycle you likely ovulate on or around the 16 day. Count from the first day of your period forward 16 days. That is when it’s likely to happen. Then buy ovulation test kits like the Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test Kit. Test daily at the same time of day, afternoon being best, but follow the instructions on the kit you buy…they might have different recommendations. Start testing probably on day 11… the tests predict ovulation 12-36 hours in advance. Also starting on day 11, have sex- missionary position is best for conception- every day, but not more than once per day (too frequent of intercourse will just lower his sperm count). Sperm can live up to 48 hours inside you, so even if you don’t have a positive ovulation test, you should be having sex regularly. When you do get a positive and for you… it would probably be on day 14 or 15… you know it is coming — it has not happened yet! Make sure you have sex every 24 hours until the tests show a negative again. That way you will know you didn’t miss it. Then, wait until your period is due and you can test for pregnancy with very good effectiveness the day after it is due.

Additional tips – evaluate your bottom and legs immediately after sex for 1 hour, try to reach orgasm after your husband already has.

Pre-seedAlso, try using Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant… never KY, Wet, baby oil…none of that. Only preseed does not harm sperm, and my gyno said many women conceive simply from use of preseed, even if they have had a tough time conceiving previously. He is amazed by it. Use it every time you have sex between the 11th and whenever you are finished testing positive for ovulation.

How long do you start to show signs after you becoming pregnant?

This situation appears differently for everyone. It can also be different even for the same person but different pregnancies. You could start to feel sick in the first week, or you could never feel sick at all throughout the entire pregnancy. It will start to show eventually, sometimes it happens within only a couple months and sometimes it doesn’t happen much for 4-5 months or more.

Motivation For Women Who Seek To Become Pregnant

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This is a wonderful read for any woman who has trouble conceiving, but can’t afford these expensive treatments and procedures that aren’t even 100% guaranteed. It seems common knowledge that a healthy diet, exercise, and no smoking helps more than just infertility, but I really like that you mentioned a sense of serenity. So many woman stress their own bodies into not doing what it’s natural to do anyway. Of course, I know this isn’t some quick fix, but it’s certainly something we all need to learn, whether we’re trying to get preggo or not. :) In addition, I was surprised to learn that douching would affect that at all, but the reasoning makes sense. And you know, I never even knew a product like Pre-Seed existed. You have a really great blog here with invaluable information. Thank you.


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