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Get effective home remedies for psoriasis treatment. Understand how to get rid of psoriasis naturally with proven home remedies along with causes and alternative cures for psoriasis.

Psoriasis Free For Life

Psoriasis can be an unpleasant, embarrassing and sometimes painful skin condition to suffer from. A chronic, inflammatory non-contagious skin disorder characterized by thick, red scaling patches on the skin, psoriasis can be seen in both men and women, usually in the ages of 15 to 30 years old.

While the exact causes of psoriasis aren’t yet fully understood, genetic factors, infections, inappropriate medications, stress, skin injuries and weather changes are thought to be some of the triggers and causes of psoriasis.

Fortunately, psoriasis is a treatable skin condition and that there are in fact many natural home remedies and treatments readily available to help get rid of those itches and scales. So if you are looking for effective home remedies to cure your psoriasis naturally without any side effects, try some of the following suggestions:

One of the proven home remedies for treatment of psoriasis is by taking regular lukewarm baths together with Dead Sea salts which is able to help minimize your psoriasis symptoms. The high mineral contents in the Dead Sea salt is said to to be especially therapeutic and beneficial in treating psoriasis because they draw toxins out of the body and promote healing. Additionally, adding some olive oil into the baths can also aid in soothing any irritated skins. Avoid any perfumed or fragrance soaps as it might aggravate the condition. After each bath, apply some natural moisturizers rich in vitamins D and E such as aloe vera to help calm your skin.

Another effective home remedy for psoriasis includes changing your daily dietary habits to include eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes seeds, green vegetables, grains and fruits. Vitamins A, C and E is also said to be beneficial in treating psoriasis so individuals should ensure that one should eat foods that include these vitamins. Drinking bitter gourd juice in the morning can also keep the system clear and help fight psoriasis. Additionally, be sure to drink lots of water to help the body detoxify is also said to be beneficial in treating psoriasis. If possible, avoid consumption of foods that are high in acidity and salt that can cause inflammation of the skin. Some of these include red meats, dairy products, deep fried foods, refined and processed foods. Other things to avoid are excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption which have also been reported to trigger psoriasis or aggravate the condition.

One of the reasons that can trigger psoriasis flare-ups is excessive build-up of stress. In order to prevent any such triggers that can cause hormonal imbalance that will lead to the flare-ups, it is important to learn how to relax yourself to reduce stress. Try partaking in relaxation exercises such as meditation or self hypnosis. Regular repeated use of such techniques will help reduce emotional stress, calm your skin condition and speed up healing in your skin and overall general health.

It should be noted that the home remedies for psoriasis takes time to show results. However, consistent application will produce remarkable results.

Causes For Psoriasis

Understanding the causes of psoriasis

No one knows exactly what causes psoriasis though recent research has found that the immune system and genetics play major roles in its development. Most scientists agree that somehow the immune cells (T cells) are mistakenly triggered and become overactive, which leads to the accelerating growth of new skin cells causing psoriatic lesions to form.

Many doctors also believed that certain genes can be linked to psoriasis. Medical records have shown that in as many as 30% of the patients who have psoriasis, they have one or more close relatives who are known to have similar symptoms.

Anyone can get psoriasis at any time however most times, psoriasis may not appear until certain external factors trigger the development such as:

Psoriasis Causes

  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Injury to the skin
  • Reaction to certain drugs such as beta blockers
  • Various infections
  • Seasonal changes
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

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Milk Thistle Remedy For Psoriasis

Try taking the herb milk thistle, as skin problems are a sign of poor liver function, and milk thistle supports liver health. The National Psoriasis Foundation states: “Milk thistle has been shown to inhibit human T-cell activation, which occurs in psoriasis.”

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Scientific Research Into Hypnosis for Psoriasis

Home Remedies For PsoriasisHypnotic intervention for psoriasis has been specifically investigated in a pilot study at the John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. Five patients were given specific positive suggestions about their skin. Six were given neutral suggestions. All the patients showed some benefit, but those who were given hypnotic suggestions specifically directed at their psoriasis enjoyed much better healing.

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Do You Know?

  • Up to 30 percent of people with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis.
  • Psoriasis is associated with other serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis.

Psoriasis Free For Life

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My psoriasis was a nightmare, getting it under control greatly improved my quality of life.


Deanna Balestra

I know that for my friend who suffered with this for some time, the milk thistle really helped! I was skeptical at first but the results were clear and effective! The psoriasis was very hard on her and it took a long time to get it under control. Great blog article I feel it will be very helpful to many people with this condition!


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