5 Ways To Extend iPhone Battery Life

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Improve iPhone Battery LifeThere are many ways to extend and improve an iPhone battery life. Especially since there is no removable battery, it’s important to preserve as much battery as possible. You never know when you’ll get to charge the battery again. You shouldn’t be limited to just six or eight hours of wireless activity before finding a charger again, so here are five ways you can keep as much juice in your battery as possible.

1. Turn Off What You Don’t Need

The best way to optimize the battery life of an iPhone is to turn off what you aren’t using. There’s no point in taking up valuable battery time for something that isn’t benefiting you immediately. Then, if you do need it, you can always turn it on later. These things include:

  • Wi-Fi Radio
  • Automatic E-mail
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

Wi-Fi radio will quickly drain your battery because it will always be looking for a wifi connection and maintain it. If you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection, then turn it off and you could see a considerable amount of battery bars left on your iPhone at the end of the day.

When your e-mail is automatically checking for new mail every few minutes, this is costing you battery life. If you have to find out if you’re getting emails, you can change the frequency to longer or manually check it on the occasions that you are waiting for a special email.

Bluetooth is another feature that is causing the battery to waste energy. Unless you are in your Bluetooth enabled car or are using a headset, you can turn this feature off. Otherwise, it’s endlessly looking for devices.

Another that you can turn off is the GPS. This will keep your phone looking for your location. Unless you are using FourSquare, Maps, or something else where your location is critical, it will make a significant difference to your battery level.

2. Refresh Your Phone

One of the best ways to maximize the battery lifespan of your iPhone is to give it a complete refresh. You can do this by powering off your phone at least once a week. There are a lot of functions to new smart phones and they need to power down occasionally. Just as you shut your computer off periodically so that it will work better, the same thing applies with your iPhone. As you do this, you will notice that it improve iPhone battery life considerably.

3. Watch Your Apps

There are many apps that run in the background that you may not even be aware of. Some of them are causing battery hacks that constantly take away from the functionality of your iPhone. There are no reasons that some apps need to be running other than that they were poorly designed. You can prevent this from happening in a few ways:

  • Read comments when choosing apps
  • Manually terminate background apps

When you shop for apps, the comments that people leave may tell you everything that you ever needed to know about the battery life and the app in general.

There are some apps that will run in the background, which means that you don’t see them to be reminded that they are open. You can manually terminate them. If you see that you don’t need these apps, just delete them and free up memory in your iPhone, too.

4. Connect Your iPhone To The Computer

When it is time for you to charge your iPhone, do so by connecting it to your computer with the USB cable. Using this method over the wall outlet will ensure a better connection and a better charge. This could give you an extra bar simply by providing the battery with a stronger power to start the day with.

5. Auto Lock

Enabling auto-lock is crucial. You can set it for 30 seconds, 1 minute or any time that you want, however this will ensure that the phone isn’t in use when it’s sitting in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse. The shorter auto-lock time will also turn off the light which will use up battery life.

These different tips of extending and maintaining your battery life may or may not apply all of the time, however at least a few will work always. Applying these tips as a part of your everyday life will significantly prevent iPhone battery drain and change the amount of times you find yourself looking for a charger.

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