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Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Read about 3 proven home remedies that can help you get rid of bed bugs and exterminate this nuisance from your life.

To kill and eliminate bed bugs from your life, there are a wide varieties of remedies available. From the use of environmentally friendly non-toxic bed bug insecticide to something as simple as heat and steam, all of which can help you control and get rid of bed bugs.

If you are looking for proven ways on how to get rid of bed bugs at home, try the following 3 remedies:

Insecticide – Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

According to many reports, diatomaceous earth has been proven to be an effective bed bug killer for the home. Make from the fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae, this insecticide is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The diatomaceous earth fine powder contains razor sharp particles that abrades the waxy cuticle that covers the bed bugs’ exosekeleton, causing them to die with contact.

Apply diatomaceous earth along the base boards and rub it in the carpets after each vacuuming to eliminate and prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Heat and Steam

One of the most simple home remedies, heat is highly effective at exterminating bed bugs and their eggs. Like humans, bed bugs cannot survive extreme heat. The thermal death point for the common bed bug is 120 °F therefore washing bed linens and clothes in the dryer with this thermal setting will generally kill all bed bugs.

For big items that cannot be wash with hot water such as mattress, the use of hot steam from a professional grade bed bug steamer can be used effectively to kill both bed bugs and their eggs instantaneously even if they are hidden deep within the pores of mattress. To be an effective bed bug steamer, experts recommended that the steam coming out from the tip of the cleaner needs to be above 200 °F (as compared to 120 °F of heat that will only kill bed bugs on contact but not those that are hidden deep inside the mattress or sofa.)

Mattress Encasement

If you are getting bitten regularly from bed bugs, bed bug mattress covers can be use as an effective non-chemical remedy to get immediate relief and comfort from the bed bug bites. These encasement seal off the entire mattress completely leaving no gap for the bed bugs to enter or escape through. Similarly, these encasement should also be use for your pillows as well. You will then need to keep the covers on for at least a year to eventually kill any bed bugs trapped within.

For these encasement to be effective, you will also need to:

  • isolate the bed away from the wall to prevent bed bugs from crawling from the wall onto the bed
  • apply double-sided duct tape around each leg of the bed to act as sticky barrier from the crawling bugs, as well as,
  • do not let any clothing or items hang off the bed and touch the floor

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Get Rid of bed Bugs With Professional Exterminators

Getting rid of bed bugs will unquestionably be a long-winded and demanding task. If you feel that you do not have the time or the energy to execute the extermination well on your own, it is advisable to hire a bed bug exterminator who have invested in the knowledge, training and equipment to do the job well and guarantee the success of the extermination operation.

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Home Remedies for Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are nasty and can cause severe itchiness and skin rashes. If you have been bitten, try these home remedies to treat the discomfort and itch.

  • Wash the bites areas with soap and run it under lukewarm water for approximately a minute. It helps to prevent infection and also provide temporary relief of itching and inflammation.
  • For stronger treatments to ease the itching, you can treat the bed bug bites with a topical anesthetic cream or calamine lotion.

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Bedbugs are a nightmare they are small but mighty. I put bleach n laundry detergent(sm amounts)along with hot tap water in spray bottle n it kills them. God has made some wicked creatures.


ali verzoni

I had bedbugs before there terrible thanks alot for the info!!!



I have lot of bed bug in my home they bite me and my children too i am too much worried about it last sunday i have done fumigation but still they are alive i read your articles it is very informative for me i will apply



the best way to kill and get rid of bed bugs is to mix javix and amomia with dish soap, and dilute with water, but be extremely careful when mixing, one litre of water add half cup of javix to the water, then add one tbs of dish soap, then add a quarter cup of amonia put into spray bottle and spray it all around the perimatere of base boards, kills them instantly.



I had bedbugs and the owner of our elderly building had professionals come in and spray but it takes 3 times to do any good so they do it a month or so at a time so they get rid of the eggs and babies BUT!! one of the men told me to get a spray bottle and put alcohol in it and spray the house real good because bedbugs die instantly when they come in contact with alcohol and it’s a lot cheaper than paying professionals. My daughter did that and got rid of hers right away but you need to keep it up every few months. Good luck.



From lasts 3 years we have bed bugs at home. And we are irritated with it. We have spend thousands of rupees to get rid of bed bugs. But we can’t get any results. Full night we can’t sleep.. Because bed bugs are biting.. Sometimes we feel scared with their bitings. It creates skin reaction.. And rashes..



While i have yet to see a bedbug in my home all of my children and myself have what appear to be bug bites, i am trying the steam treatment on all of my furnature, mattresses and carpets. i’ll keep you all updated on if it works or not! keep your fingers crossed.



Man these lil bastard got my wife shook she getting bit every night my daughter is getting bit every night and I can’t. Find a proper solution I’m going to try all these home remedies at once and she what happens so I can regain peace in my home


Hi i am also one among people who lost the sleep because of these bloody bed bugs.

First I tried to get raid of these bed bugs by using some chemical spray suggested by my friend, but it didn’t work. I lost my sleep. I tried different methods to get rid of these and finally one worked for me.

Mix 4 to 5 tea spoon of Harpic toilet cleaner with 250ml of water and spray it using the sprayer at the corners of the house, behind cup boards etc. These are the dwelling place of these creatures. Continue these for a week daily. Secondly shower little bleaching powder at the corners of the tiles adjacent to the wall and leave it for few days. This kills it. Try this. I am sure this will work for sure!!



Kerosene oil and copex powder paste have good result.



I’ve known many to battle these bastards but never had them in my house.I’ve been bit a lot and found solid deodorantto help the itch. My husband’s mom and aunt has them and last night I was greeted by vampires so now it’s our turn to battle ugh



get boric acid powder, sprinkle around edge of bed, around edge of carpet etc. it will kill them and keep them from coming back. it also works on ants, and other insects around the home. exterminators wont tell you of this secret.



My sister has been getting bit alot and I have seen little baby bed bugs in my bed, so I have been vacuuming alot and been spraying alcohol on my walls and around my bed. I made a mix of alcohol, liquid fabric softener, cleaning solution, and salt. So far the bugs have been dying instantly when i spray them. I hate these bugs more than anything! I sometimes dont even go to bed. I’m about to try the cayenne and hope it works! Wish me luck!



We ended up getting bed bugs in both our bed and our sofa. I did the alcohol thing but it is only temporary. It only kills the adult bugs. For a few days of rest, its ok, but not long term. I thought about different things and one day it hit me to try something. I bought a Bissell Steam Shot, those steam cleaners like what you see on TV. Not steam carpet cleaner. From what I read about getting rid of them, anything remedy you use, you have to do everything (carpet, under dressers, etc, curtains). So I pulled apart the bed, did the entire mattress and box springs, the bed frame, around the woodwork under everything. The sofa I did every square inch of it, even flipped it over and found the nests and did those. The steam apparently killed the eggs and all. We have been bed bug free now for two months. With the alcohol, it only lasted one night, if your lucky two. Take your time doing it as well, Be sure to get every inch you can. Even one egg left can start your problem all over again. I hope this helps.



I’ve done the rubbing alcohol and it worked they were gone now a yr later we are fighting them again. This time I’m gonna try De.



These bed bugs are a true nightmare…. they have come out to spray my mobile home twice and it hasn’t helped out much they are still in my couches… they bite my children everytime they are laying down for a nap.. I can’t take it anymore I really need some help fighting these things… I’m looking forward to trying some of these ideas hope they work because I don’t think I can take much more of this….



At first i thought maybe i was being bit by fleas i have 3 dogs, i have bombed my house 3 times and have sprayed numerous sprays all over and around the house but i seen a baby bed bug (i think anyways) these were some great ideas. I’m now going to try the hot water and alcohol. Wish me luck everyone. Theses things are making me go crazy….



my sister called me a couple of day’s ago and said she has bb, well she called housing and they can’t come for 2 wks. meantime she is going crazy ! plus she already has mental issues, omg I feel so bad for her ,she keeps calling but there is nothing i can do…. told her about the alcohol ! hope this helps some I HATE BED BUGS.


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