How To Become More Attractive To Women

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Key advices and tips on how one can look confident and become more attractive to women.

Know Yourself First

First key factor that helps men be attractive to women is self-knowledge. When you’re serious about attracting a partner for dating or a long-term relationship, it’s critical to know yourself and be very clear about the type of women you want to attract.

Tips for Developing Self-Knowledge:

  • Develop a list divided into three categories: your interests and talents, your positive qualities, and skills or behaviors you want to develop or improve.
  • Reflect on the type of woman you want to attract and develop a list of her attributes.  Attributes may include her physical appearance, hobbies, personality traits, education, and career. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to attract the type of women you really want to be with.

Build Self-Confidence

Be More ConfidentAs you begin to define your strengths and weaknesses you can focus in on the parts of your personality that make you unique and desirable. This is key to building self-confidence and will help you start to truly believe that you can be attractive to women. If you are shy or insecure you should focus on your strengths and unique qualities and make a conscious effort to remind yourself about what makes you attractive.

Tips For Building Self-Confidence

Many people gain a lot of confidence by using a journal to keep track of thoughts and reflections. As you start to build confidence you may only be able to identify a few of your strengths, but as you continue you’ll become increasingly clear and at-ease about identifying, listing, and even talking about your strengths and unique qualities.

Set Goals: If you have traits or behaviors you want to improve or learn set goals and work day by day to improve. For example, if you want to be more organized set a weekly goal and a long-range goal for organizing your schedule and your home.

Join new activities and social events and develop new social contacts and friendships. This is a low-pressure way to practice your social skills and you’ll also come in contact with new women.

These 10 steps can help you to be naturally more attractive to women

Take Charge, Show Interest, and Communicate

Men who want to be attractive to women should also focus on how they approach potential partners or dates. You’ll want to develop an ability to start a conversation in a natural way and be direct and clear without being too overbearing or needy. If you are attracted to a woman, approach her directly and show interest. Take the initiative to ask for her phone number or contact information, and follow through by getting in touch with her and asking her out. While many women are independent and assertive about dating it’s common that they want a man to take the first step and show interest in them.

Tips for Taking Charge and Communicating Effectively

Socialize in locations that create low-pressure opportunities to meet women. Cafes, meet-up groups, outdoor activities, and co-ed sports all provide opportunities to meet women in a natural way. Bars and clubs are often noisier and create a higher-pressure atmosphere for meeting women. You’ll be more attractive to women if you are socializes in places where you feel comfortable and confident. Be yourself, and don’t try to go to places or do activities that you don’t enjoy.

Start a conversation in a natural way. Look for common interests or interesting traits you notice about the person and start by complimenting or noting a commonality. For example, if you’re in a café and an attractive woman near you is working on photography or doing a crossword puzzle and this attracts your attention tell her. If she responds positively continue the conversation.

Learn to gauge if a woman is interested. Watch her facial expressions and body language. If she isn’t interested in talking she’ll probably answer in short sentences and her body language will be closed. If she’s open to the conversation she’ll smile, ask you questions, and continue to talk.

When there is a mutual interest be direct and assertive. Tell a woman, “it was really interesting (or nice) talking to you. Can I have your number or email so we can get together again and have coffee?”

If you get a woman’s contact information and you are really interested show this directly by contacting her and making a date. Don’t wait for her to call.

Be Positive, Fun, Respectful, and Complimentary

As you work to be more attractive to women you’ll also need to focus on your interactions with the women you meet and spend time with. When you’re trying to attract a woman and get to know her it’s important to be positive and have a sense of humor, but be sure to also build a sense of safety, enjoyment and trust between yourself and your potential partner.

Ideas For Building A Positive, Trusting Rapport

  • Do activities and talk about topics that you both enjoy
  • Show interest in her opinions and experiences, and compliment her
  • Avoid sarcasm and complaints
  • Don’t focus on negative topics such as life problems or past relationships
  • Follow-through with plans – don’t break dates or forget to call
  • When you’re first approaching a woman be complimentary and genuine, don’t used “canned” pick-up lines

Take Care of Your Body and Appearance

Obviously physical appearance is a major factor that helps you be more attractive to a woman. You don’t need to have an overly toned body or take steps to be something you are not. Instead try to take care of your body and be as natural as possible. For example, if you having a thinning or receding hairline talk to your stylist about the best hair style to accent your face rather than trying to replace it with false hair. Other examples for body care include:

  • Learn about planning a balanced diet and maintaining healthy weight management
  • Talk to a trainer about the best exercises for your body type
  • Explore new clothing styles or update your wardrobe
  • Consult a local stylist or spa about your skin care routine
  • Control bad habits such as smoking, recreational drugs, or excess drinking

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Learn About Pheromones

Some men report that pheromones have helped them be more attractive to women. Pheromones are naturally occurring substances that the human body excretes as odorless chemical compounds. These aromatic substances create a sexual response in other people. There are studies that indicate that pheromones can be chemically reproduced in a laboratory setting. These pheromones are marketed as perfumes or colognes such as Nexus Pheromones that men can use to help them improve their chances of attracting the opposite sex and become more attractive to women.

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I think this article addresses one of the most complicated questions that often confuse men. “what women want?” I really liked reading through all of it especially the pheromones part but I doubt the possibility of pheromones in a bottle impressing us. Come one man, girls are not that fool.



The key is self-confidence. Girls are easily attracted to men who are sure of themselves. So you should work on your confidence levels and just be yourself. Having a good sense of humor will also help you to attract women easily.


Mandy Allen

I agree with Mark that a lot of the time the issue is self confidence. It can be relatively easy for men to chat with a group of other men and know they have something in common. Sometimes it is perceived that women are so very different that there can’t possibly be any common ground. I agree with you that communication and respect are so very important for all of us.



Emily D

I definitely like a confident guy. And I also like one who takes initiative – especially at first. I think this article pretty much nailed it. Thanks!


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